Break free from corporate. Live life on your own terms. Be free.

Do you have a sneaking suspicion there should be more to life? Do you find yourself at a crossroads where work is no longer working for you, where you keep asking yourself, "Is this IT?"

You're not alone.

There's more — much more — to life. More freedom, income, time, and purpose. You simply have to create a bridge between your corporate job and the new entrepreneurial lifestyle you want to enjoy.

Intimidated by the idea of starting a business? Don't let that stop you. Have a chat with Keith Allen Johns, an expert entrepreneurship coach who understands where you're at — because he's been there, too.

Coach Keith Allen Johns created this program to help:

Corporate leaders who want to take back their life and leverage their expertise by starting a business that helps them quit their job and live the life of their dreams

Side hustlers who are struggling to build enough momentum in their business to complete the goal of leaving their 9-5 behind


The Solopreneur Launchpad™ teaches you everything you need to know to develop your new business and make your first premium-priced sale. Craft your product and offer, market your product, sell it and deliver it.
Here's how it works:

Get your first high-ticket client within 6 months.

And have a blast doing it.

See what clients have to say:

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This is a 6-month, intensive program delivered by a recognized thought-leader in the coaching industry, Keith Allen Johns, and his team. The program includes:

  • Tactical business coaching where Keith personally teaches you step-by-step how to go from idea, through market testing, and into full business launch
  • Mindset and habit coaching so you can start thinking and acting and feeling like a successful entrepreneur
  • A powerful interactive experience that includes peers who are building their business and redesigning their lives, too
  • Accountability from Keith’s team to keep you on track
  • Access to Keith's extensive network of connections, resources and experts

"I had two businesses and neither of them was doing all that well. Meeting Keith and working through his process changed my life and catapulted me forward as an entrepreneur.”

Serial entrepreneur

It's time to go for it.

Most days you hate your boring, unfulfilling job.

It’s time to take back control of your life.

This program gives you everything you need.

Your guarantee.

If you show up ready to be coached and ready for change, and you do the work with your full mind, heart and soul, your results are guaranteed:

You will close a 4-figure sale within 6 months or Keith will keep coaching you until you do — for free.

A Word From Your Coach

“I climbed the corporate ladder all the way up to the C-suite and felt like something huge was missing from my life.

"I didn't see my kids enough, I didn't get paid enough, and my time wasn't my own.

"I decided enough was enough. I had never started a business before, but I was going to figure it out.

"I was going to be free.

I did it. Now I want that for you."

CEO, Keith Allen And Company
TEDx speaker, husband and father