Your life. Your terms. Feeling stuck, uninspired and unfulfilled is now optional

The Quantum Life Formula™ Program will radically shift your life from a state of stress, worry, and complexity to an experience of ease, inspiration, and well-being. People who do this work enjoy massive improvements in income, relationships, career success and more. And they feel better every single day. It just works.

Expert coach Keith Allen Johns created this program to help:

Entrepreneurs who are having a hard time selling, thinking too small about their business, stressing about money, or looking to attract more amazing clients

Corporate leaders who are struggling to manage stress, fighting to stay creative, lacking energy for home life or looking to make more money without burning out


The Quantum Life Formula™ Program changes the ENTIRE experience of living for people just like you – busy entrepreneurs, high-achieving corporate climbers, or people simply seeking a more relaxed, inspiring path through life. Here are the 7 steps:

And the best step....


Life can be stressful, complex, and overwhelming.
Money and success can feel totally out of reach.
The Quantum Life Formula™ fixes that.

See what clients have to say:

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This is a 4-month, intensive program delivered by a recognized thought-leader in the coaching industry, Keith Allen Johns, and his team. The program includes:

  • 12 interactive sessions where Keith personally teaches you how to implement the Quantum Life Formula™ in your day-to-day life
  • 4 months of online support from Keith
  • A powerful coaching experience with peers who share similar challenges and life goals
  • Accountability from Keith’s team to keep you on track
  • Access to the Quantum Life Formula™ online community

"Keith’s coaching transformed my life. I’ve manifested dream jobs and I feel more peace and calm. Beyond work, my health and relationships have drastically improved. I feel more free; money and opportunities are flowing. It's awesome.”

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

It's time for a big change.

Most days you feel like you have little control over your happiness, your ease, and your ability to relax and let life flow. You wish money, relationships and health were abundant in your life.

It’s time to take your power back. It’s time to give yourself permission to feel good, every day, and build a life you love to live.

This transformational program will take you from living life on an emotional, stressful roller coaster to a life that feels like you’re floating down a river on a lazy summer day. Every day.

A Word From Your Coach

“This workshop is a passion project of mine. These techniques, which I've learned from years of study under international experts, have had a massive impact on my life — emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I've learned how to go through every day with a warm sense of peace, even when things don't go so well. I've watched my life unfold and my desires be delivered as if by magic. Now I get to share my approach with you.”

CEO, Keith Allen And Company