Your achievements alone will not provide what your soul longs for...

The most joyful people on earth aren't joyful by luck. They have mastered a set of uncommon mindset tools, a way of looking at the world that makes them unshakable.

So if you often ask yourself "is this it? Something feels missing," it starts inside of you.

Why The Quantum Life Formula™?

My vision for you is to experience an unfathomable amount of inner richness that leaves you in awe of your life. How we do that together:

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What My Clients Are Saying

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"In my business, I’m attracting clients I love and hitting my revenue targets. At home, my son has been telling me and my husband he loves us more often since I’ve done this work and my husband has noticed I’m much more focused on the positive every day."

Danielle Jefferson
Business Operations Consultant

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"As a parent, the impact on my kids has been phenomenal. Our kids hear us talking about the program and they’ve adopted the language. At a time (teens) usually drift away, we feel like they’re becoming closer to us. And my wife and I have a framework and shared language now. We know how to stay positive and aligned."

Mark Lichman
Product Manager
San Francisco Bay



Why is the Quantum approach different?

It's designed to give you the edge that books, seminars, and podcasts cannot:

An action-oriented, community-driven process that creates tangible changes in people every day

Our vision for you is to experience an unfathomable amount of inner richness that leaves you in awe of your life

  • David Weisberg
    "I have been successful throughout my career but never felt successful. By working with Keith, I was able to unlock that feeling.”
    David Weisberg
    Senior Product Manager
    New York City

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

I had ticked all the boxes: title, salary, partner, kids, and house. But I felt like a key part of the formula was missing. This showed up in a funny feeling, an itch, that there was some secret approach I needed to learn.

I was right.

Now I help people who have the perfect life on paper learn how to embody a fulfilled, aligned, joyful life on the inside. The outcomes are powerful and I've seen the Quantum Life Formula work for cancer surgeons, C-suiters in finance and banking, silicon valley tech leaders and entrepreneurs at various stages of building their business.

Most of all, I've seen how the formula has changed me by making me a better husband and parent, allowing me to feel calm and at ease regularly, and above all I am present in every moment, deep in the Now, feeling alive and free.

I'd love to take you on this journey, too.

How To Master Your Inner Voice

Only I can change my life.
No one can do it for me.